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July 12, 2013 by Deborah Kerwood · 5 Comments · Differentiated Instruction, Lesson Plans, Literacy, Multiple Intelligence, Technology

Vocabulary lesson plans – research based and relevant to the Common Core standards – The actual sets are here Vocabulary Sets.

Welcome to my latest project for sharing differentiated instruction. These multi-media vocabulary lesson plans are free for you to use. The reference for these sets is Wordstrips 180 Vocabulary Words, by June Barzowsky-Smith.  The lesson plan sets focus on definitions, context, connections, and analogies. They are appropriate for grades 7-12

The same words in the same order are available on Quizlet, -Type ‘tutorclass’ into the search to Add Class, then scroll down for Vocabulary 1 and Vocabulary 2 or, just click on these links. Be sure to “Add Class” to keep it handy.

Quizlet is a free online study tool/app that is popular with my students. They download the flashcards onto their own devices.


Now go to Vocabulary Sets to get lessons 1 – 36

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  • sgrisham

    I love these sets just as Leah has already said! I am working with developing content-specific vocabulary strategies for small group instruction with my ELL students. These are very helpful to that work. The images are so great, and they aid to making abstract terms more concrete.

  • leahbarber

    I love this! I was just working with a colleague on ways to teach what we call Tier 3 words. Those are the vocabulary words that are content based, or not often seen in everyday text. I love the images that go with these. It helps the learner see a concrete example and make connections to prior knowledge.

  • gracia022

    I am teaching first grade with a high E.S.L. population and this would be great for these students as well. Their vocabulary acquisition seems to be slower than I would like right now and I think adapting your idea with more first grade words would be great for them.

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