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Bookmark Sites Make Great Center Assignments

February 21, 2009 by Deborah Kerwood · 1 Comment · Differentiated Instruction, Lesson Plans, Technology

Child at computerJohn Kuglin’s website has a great collection of links. One of them that I highly recommend is ikeepbookmarks.

Teachers can use the site as a center assignment; tell the student to go to ikeepbookmarks, open a certain folder, and complete the activity, quiz, reading, or whatever on a chosen site. This works especially well with Quia because it has the tracker, which lets you know if the student did the work and the results. Since ikeepbookmarks is web based, the assignment can be homework as well. Other ways to verify the work are to have the student print a page or email a completed page to you.

I use Portaportal. To see my links, type dgkerwood in the Guest Access box. ikeepbookmarks has two features that make it better – an easier “public access” choice and instant book marking while browsing.

When students ask if they can play games on the computer, I say, “Sure, you can choose one on Portaportal.” They often head for the Science folder and choose Virtual Knee Surgery.

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  • Rachella Simon

    This is such a great tip. I do something similiar in my elementary computer classes and it really helps solve alot of issues that can come up.

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